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When Heaven and Earth Embrace: How Do We Engage Spiritually in an Emerging Universe? Get Your Copy of the Book Now.

Copies of the book When Heaven and Earth Embrace: How Do We Engage Spiritually In An Emerging Universe  are now available from Morning Star Publishing.  More information here. 

 NEW FEATURE  This page will now feature a range of resources that will supplement the reading of the above book.   The book already features discussion guides for each of the ecospirituality principles.   These resources could be used by individuals or by groups who gather  to discuss the book.  

 Complete set of resources:   Click here for a completer set of resources to accompany your reading of and reflection on the above book.   It is 27 pages including rituals, discussion guides, meditations, activities etc which were put together for our 5 day retreat.  The same resources are available in sections in the links below if you do not want ot download everything at once.  

Overview, Gathering Ritual and Principle 1: Dynamic Universe: Click here for resources. 

Principle 2: Open, Attentive, Receptive:  Click here for resources. 

Principle 3: Indwelling Presence:  Click here for resources.   

Principle 4 Solidarity: Click here for resources.  

Principle 5: Right Relations:  Click here for resources.